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How to Use Charger Plates for Your Wedding and Special Event

How to Use Charger Plates for Your Wedding and Special Event

silver charger rentalCharger plates make to be a great investment for any special event including weddings and receptions.  They are considered to be decoration plates–not meant to be used to serve food.  Some people question the point of charger plates if they do not serve as serving plates.  The purpose of charger plates is to enhance the overall look, feel and display of any special event. Charger plates can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, metal, wood or china glass.  Usually charger plates are placed on the very bottom to enhance the look of the dinner plate and smaller plates.  If you’re planning on decorating a special event or simply want to have a romantic dinner at home, here are some quick and easy tips to start using charger plates!

1.  Pick out charger plates that enhance and compliment the overall decor of the event.  Be sure to order a few more than the expected amount of guests just in case of an emergency, extra guests and so forth.

2.  All charger plate should be at least one inch away from the edge of the table before the guests arrive.  Make sure the charger plates are spaced uniformly around the table.

3.  Place silverware on each side of the charger plates.  Determine how much silverware to place depending on how many courses you plan on serving.

4.  Serve each dish on top of the charger plate in the center, starting with the appetizer.  Remove each course and each serving dish from the charger plate after the course is complete.  For weddings and special events, be sure to clean off the charger plates if there is food on it.

5.  Once all the main courses have been served, be sure to remove the charger plates before serving dessert!

Incorporating charger plates for your special event is as simple as that!  They range in price, depending on the quality and what material the plate is made out of.  Regardless, charger plates are a simple solution to creating a luxurious event!

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