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Top 5 Uses for Charger Plates

Top 5 Uses for Charger Plates

What makes a special event go from quaint to spectacular is often in the details. Charger plates are a great design element that every party organizer should have on hand. These decorative place settings often set the tone of the event and give a polished look to table linens. Check out the top five ways in which charger plates can turn up the volume on any affair.

Place-Settings for Dining Tables

Charger plates are a decorative way to indicate place-settings on dining tables at special events such as weddings, formal dinners, and other dining occasions. The proper placement of charger plates is to center them in front of each chair. Once your guests sit down for the first course, the entree plate is placed on top of the charger plate – it is not meant to function as actual dining ware. In most cases the charger plates are removed before the dessert course.

Elegant Plates for Hors D’oeuvres 

If you’re the non-traditional type, charger plates can be used as a unique way to display and serve Hors D’oeuvres at parties, receptions and networking events. Many types of charger plates are adorned with rhinestones or artistic designs to add a dash of style and fun.

Ornamental Base for Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements can be costly, but if you’re looking to spruce up a DIY bouquet, use a charger plate as your base. Elegant gold or silver charger plates make inspirational accents with little cost and easy assembly. As a bonus, charger plates also protect table linens from water stains and spills.

Decorative Foundation for Candles

Not only are charger plates a great way to salvage specialty linens from water damage, they’re also great for candle displays – and protect table linens from melted wax as well. Whether you’re using pillar candles or tea lights, charger plates create a wonderful ensemble of light for any tabletop. Use charger plates for entry tables, centerpieces or additional mood lighting.

Accented Plate for Decorative Figurines

Events like Indian Weddings, Honorary Banquets and other ornamental occasions often have icons or decorative figurines adorning the event space. Charger plates are perfect for displaying accents and collectibles with class and charm. Best of all, they’re easy to assemble and inexpensive to rent.


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